User Guide

# Shortcuts

In the subtitle window, ? can show BeMyEars shortcuts.
Easter Egg

# Headphones/AirPods support

Currently for the sake of flexibility, BeMyEars does not support automatic switch when headphones/AirPods plug-in. The following is an example of how to use Headphones.
Launch System Builtin "Audio MIDI Setup" App
We can see that the BeMyEarsDevice actually allows for very flexible voice output control, such as playing music outside the computer and on the headphones at the same time.
Of course, you can also use other virtual devices to do more interesting things, such as setting the output of Zoom/IINA to BeMyEarsDevice so that you can use BeMyEars to generate subtitles without affecting system global volume control of your computer.

# Zoom support

Zoom -> Preferences -> Audio -> Speaker -> BeMyEarsDevice Set the speaker to BeMyEarsDevice Zoom

# IINA support

IINA -> Preferences -> Video/Audio -> Prefered audio device -> BeMyEarsDevice IINA

# Usage Issues

# 1. Not working as expected

# Only show "BeMyEars hearing fromXXXX now" and nothing else.

Step 1: turn on "Dictation" (System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Dictation) Dictation
Restart the BeMyEars app, if it works skip step 2.
Step 2: Turn on "Siri" (System Preferences -> Siri) Siri

# Q1: Why I get "Downloading language model..." message ?

Because speech recognition use Apple's Speech framework underneath, the corresponding language model needs to be downloaded, and the download behavior is controlled by the macOS.
The download time is determined by your network condition. During my tests, the longest wait time is 30 minutes.
Restart BeMyEars App after 30 miniutes to see if it works. If it doesn't, please give feedback to help@bemyears.io.
Fortunately, this behavior is one-time, so keep calm and be patient.

# 2. After installing BlackHole, "BlackHole 2ch" cannot be found in BeMyEars

We suggest restarting the BeMyEars App. if it doesn't work, please give feedback to the author through the following channel.

# 3. Why can't I change the volume via touchbar and system after installing BeMyEars?

Due to the limitations of macOS, volume cannot be adjusted on Multi-Output (opens new window) devices.
To solve this problem, BeMyEars provides volume control in the menu bar, and the volume can also be adjusted by using the up and down arrow keys.
Volume Control